CoPilot voor Microsoft 365

Raak snel op de hoogte in minder tijd met intelligentie tussen meerdere toepassingen die naadloos met al je gegevens werkt.

Houd eenvoudig en in realtime discussies en voorgestelde actie-items bij.

Let op: CoPilot verstaat op dit moment alleen nog maar Engels, Frans, Duits, Japans, Italiaans, Spaans, Portugees en versimpeld Chinees. Dus nog geen Nederlands!

CoPilot Update (31 januari 2024)




Copilot for Microsoft 365 updates

As your everyday AI companion, Copilot helps you with a blank page or the perfect choice of words. It streamlines tasks so you can boost your productivity and be more confident that you are focusing on what matters most to you. These updates can help you find the insights, creativity, and excitement in a new way of working. 

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Microsoft 365 Chat

If you need to combine content from multiple documents together into one, you can ask Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat to pull data from multiple places and tie it together in a new document you can work with.

Ask Copilot, "Look at [doc1] and [doc2], identify 3-4 common themes, and then pull them together in a new doc." 

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Microsoft Teams

If you have a sensitive meeting that you don't want recorded or transcribed, but you still want to use Copilot for Teams, you can now use Copilot without transcription in the meeting options. This way, you use Copilot during your meeting, but Teams won't make a transcription of your Copilot usage after the meeting. 

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Microsoft Outlook

If you're looking for the best way to draft an email in Microsoft Outlook, Copilot can provide coaching and make suggestions for tone, clarity, and reader sentiment.

Select the Copilot icon from the toolbar, and then choose Coaching by Copilot from the tool bar. 
*Now available in classic Outlook for Windows. 

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Microsoft Word

If you’ve already formatted tables in your Microsoft Word doc, you don't need to format every new table you generate with Copilot. Now, when you select Visualize as a table from the Copilot menu, the new table you generate will use the formatting you've already set for your existing tables.

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Microsoft Excel

If you have data in your spreadsheet that you want to visualize more clearly, you can ask Copilot for Excel to create a compelling chart from it with a single prompt.

Ask Copilot, "Create a chart showing the profit margin for each product category for the last three years." 

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Microsoft OneNote

If you've made notes in Microsoft OneNote using the audio recording and transcription features or, you can ask Copilot for OneNote to create a summary and have the information arranged how you want it.

Ask Copilot, "Create a summary of the notes on this page. Arrange the information chronologically in bullet points." 

*Some Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites in the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not include Microsoft Teams. Learn more on our licensing page

Improvements based on your feedback


Microsoft PowerPoint

Copilot for PowerPoint now allows users to search for files using the "/" capability, matching the functionality of Copilot in Word and addressing customer feedback. 


Helpful resources

Keep learning on our Copilot website. There you’ll find videos, how-tos, examples, tips, and links to your favorite apps where you can try Copilot for yourself. You’ll also get great suggestions for communicating with Copilot to get what you want using “prompts.”

Want to learn more about prompts? Visit the Copilot Lab where we’ve collected a great set of prompts for you to try and share. With Copilot Lab, learn how to turn a good prompt into a great one, save your favorites, and get inspired to work in a whole new way.

Join others who are learning about Copilot and get your questions answered in our public community for Copilot in Microsoft 365. Find resources for your team at our Copilot Adoption Hub.  

77% van de Copilot voor Microsoft 365-gebruikers geeft aan dat sinds zij het gebruiken, ze het niet meer op willen geven.
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70% van de Copilot voor Microsoft 365-gebruikers geeft aan dat zij productiever zijn geworden.
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68% van de Copilot voor Microsoft 365-gebruikers geeft aan dat de kwaliteit van hun werk is verbeterd.
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Copilot voor Microsoft 365-prijzen

Copilot voor Microsoft 365-prijzen

28,10 /Gebruiker/Maand

  • Jaarcontract, dus niet tussentijds opzegbaar
  • Facturatie per jaar

Bereik meer dan ooit met gebruik van AI.

  • Geïntegreerd met Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel en andere Microsoft 365-apps
  • Met AI mogelijk gemaakte chat met Microsoft Copilot
  • Beveiliging, privacy en compliance op ondernemingsniveau

Een Microsoft 365 Business Standard- of Microsoft 365 Business Premium-licentie is vereist om Copilot voor Microsoft 365 te kopen.

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Overzicht en training

Overzicht en training

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